CAMPS 2020-2021


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          (510) 847-6077





Soccer + "No camp" Camp is a recreational sports camp program, designed as a space where children can be comfortable, make lasting friendships, learn, and have fun. We mix up many sport activities beyond soccer, such as capture the flag, kickball, bowling soccer, tag games and more.  We make sure to keep your child in motion by letting them choose their own activity, learn and develop new sets of skills and bring them into play.

The "No Camp" part of the day is dedicated for free time.  Your child will have the option to rest in the shade, read their favorite books, snack on homemade honey butter popcorn and socialize. 

We respect the individual learning abilities of each child, as well as their personal space, and we strive to challenge your child in a fun creative way.






Please provide your child with:
Face Mask

Bottle water
Snack (we will provide as well)
Cleats (recommended)
Tennis shoes